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Creative Costume Upcycling

Creative Costume Upcycling

Feb 14th 2023

Halloween is always a fun holiday for a number of reasons, namely getting to play dress up. But unless you’re looking to go as a ghost (cue big white sheet with eyes cut out) you’re looking at spending a small fortune.

Instead of heading to the store, take last year’s costume and turn it into something completely new, with items you probably already have around the house!

Kids Costume: Cute Cowboy to Spooky Scarecrow
Children’s costumes are no exception when it comes to spending an arm and a leg, especially when they seem to outgrow everything each year. But with a little creativity you can make this two-in-one costume that’s guaranteed to impress.

For the patches
Cut out small squares of the handkerchief and burlap, and glue together. Use the double-sided tape to stick to jeans and shirt.

For the straw cuffs
Form a row of raffia, and hot glue a long strip of felt onto both sides. Secure a strip of Velcro onto one side of the felt, and the opposite side of the Velcro onto the other side. Cut off any excess felt. Repeat three times for two arm cuffs and two leg cuffs.


Adult Costume: Wicked Witch to Cotton Candy Cone
Nearly everyone has a standard witch hat lying around in their Halloween decorations, and you can put it to good use in a surprising new way—by transforming it into a fun puff of cotton candy!

Spray the hat with the white spray paint until no black is showing. Rip off pieces of the fiber stuffing to cover the rim of the hat, and spray with the blue or pink spray paint. Wrap the red ribbon around the point of the hat, and secure with glue. Glue the stuffing around the rim of the hat.


Pet costume: Darling Dog to Charming Cow
We can’t forget about our pets for Halloween, and this easy costume transformation for your pup will have him stealing everyone’s heart.

Cut out two cow ear shapes from the white felt, and two smaller shapes of the same size with the pink felt. Glue the pink shape in the center of the white shape. Using the white felt, cut out four small cow horns, and hot glue the two sides together to make sturdy. Secure the ears and horns to the headband, and add the cowbell to your dog’s collar.